1. The high standard of the very spacious crew cabin
  2. More comfortable boarding and baggage handling
  3. Length and height adjustable seats for pilots of all heights
  4. Perfect view from the cabin


  • Rigid controls
  • Upper pedals
  • Electrical trim on control yoke
  • Radio controls on control yoke
  • Flap controls on throttle lever
  • Parking brake


  • More efficient two zone heating
  • Luxurious leather interior
  • Door pockets
  • Tilting central armrest
  • Sun visors


  • Oil preheating
  • Spring shock absorber on the front wheel
  • Highly effective 3-position flaps
  • Possible quick conversion to cargo
  • Blocking of flap activation at speeds exceeding 140kph


  • Impressive metallic designs
  • Complete ceiling cushioning
  • Leather interior or alcantara

Flight characteristics:

  • Excellent flying characteristics and performances
  • Easy flight control and stable flying
  • Smooth take-off and landing
  • Take-off run: 90m
  • Take-off distance to 50ft: 200m
  • Landing distance from 50ft: 135m
  • Climb rate at maximum take-off weight: 5.9mps
  • Horizontal speed 4300RPM, manifold pressure 27: 195kph
  • Minimum speed – behaviour when nearing stall speeds, flap positions:

    • 0° 77kph
    • 15° 68kph
    • 30° 60kph
    • 40° 57kph
AEROPILOT Ltd. - Czech manufacturer of ultralight and light sport aircrafts
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